Oracle Primavera Cloud – 5 Users (Annual)

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Oracle Primavera Cloud: The Power of Primavera, the Safety of Oracle Cloud



Quantity: 5 User Pack
Cost: $6,995 (Annual fee for a group of 5 users (12 months paid in advance))

Overview: For more than 30 years, project teams have relied on Oracle’s Primavera solutions to plan, build, and operate critical assets. Oracle Primavera Cloud is the only solution that integrates project and portfolio planning and delivery teams for planning, resourcing, risk mitigation, scheduling, and program management.

Benefits of using Oracle Primavera Cloud include:

  • Increased safety and security of the cloud
  • Plan, schedule, and control individual projects or large-scale programs
  • Monitor and visualize project performance
  • Manage risk, resource capacity & track project costs
  • Generate a wide variety of reports!
  • OPC is Scalable! Add users for $120/user per month.

Need help with configuration and training? Learn about our OPC enablement package.


Project Schedule Management

Elevate your project management with Primavera Cloud, empowering you to implement Critical Path Method (CPM) strategies seamlessly. Achieve unparalleled control over project schedules, identify critical paths, and enhance decision-making for optimal project outcomes.

Enhanced Coordination Across Teams

Transform collaboration across project teams effortlessly with Primavera Cloud. Our software enables seamless information management, fostering real-time communication and coordination to enhance team productivity and drive project success.

Resource Allocation Over Time

Primavera Cloud offers powerful features like histograms and S-curves to provide unparalleled insights. Optimize workforce planning, track resource utilization, and ensure project success with precise control over resource allocation dynamics.

Resource Analysis

Improve resource allocation management with Primavera Cloud, offering granular control over manpower and hours tracking on a customizable time scale. Seamlessly monitor and optimize resource utilization on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis, ensuring precise control and efficiency for project success.



Group Training

OPC Configuration and Training

Our certified professionals will work with you to customize your environment, including tailoring software settings, setting up companies & workspaces, and administering user security. This usually takes 2-4 hours.

Our certified instructor will then conduct a 1-day custom, training session for your team (Materials included).

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