Maximize your P6 software investment!

Setup & Training Package

Duration: 4 Days  |  Cost: $9,975.00  |  Oracle Certified Consultants

Our certified professionals will work with you to install the software and customize your environment, including configuring EPS, OBS, and user setup (and access privileges). This usually takes 8-16 hours, depending on whether web access is desired.

Once the environment is ready, we will host a 3-day custom, private workshop for your team so they can hit the ground running! Our fee includes all consulting work, training time, student materials, and follow-up support.

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P6 Enablement Package

Price: $9,975.00

Our package includes SOFTWARE SETUP and TRAINING for your team!

Part 1: P6 Installation & Configuration

Our Oracle-certified professionals will install and configure Primavera P6 to meet your requirements. The package includes both P6 client & web.

Software Setup

Our comprehensive remote installation service, spanning up to 16 hours, covers essential tasks for seamless deployment. We assist in backing up and restoring the P6 EPPM database, installing Java JDK, WebLogic, BI Publisher, and Primavera P6 EPPM with upgrades to the latest service packs. Configuration, testing, and the setup of Windows services are included. We also install P6 Professional Client and provide backup assistance during the Go-Live phase.

Part 2: 3-Day Training Workshop

Your instructor will host a virtual, 3-day custom training session for your team.
If in-person training is desired, let us know! We can also provide advanced training!

Group Training

Our course covers a comprehensive range of project management topics, starting with an introduction and progressing through essential elements such as Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), activity types and duration, activity sequencing, resource loading and assignment, cost management, activity codes, baselining, and concludes with schedule status updating and reporting.