About PrimaViewer

PrimaViewer® is a cost-effective viewer for project schedules created with Oracle’s Primavera P6. PrimaViewer ® was developed to provide a tool for all stakeholders (from management to field personnel) to use to view project information, update schedule progress, and make project decisions, without a “full access” license of Primavera P6.

Using PrimaViewer® will help increase stakeholder engagement and it enables your ENTIRE team to view Primavera P6 project information for a fraction of the cost of a Primavera P6 license.

The three (3) primary features of PrimaViewer® include:

  • XER File Viewer
  • XER File Comparison (Change Management)
  • XER File Cleaner (POBS Data) NEW!

“PrimaViewer® was designed by PMP, PMI-SP and Oracle Certified Professionals as a solution to the LACK OF ACCESS to Primavera P6 data on projects in the Construction and Oil & Gas industries. We wanted to give management and team members “hands-on” access to valuable P6 schedule information in a web-based, simple-to-use format. We aim to change the way companies manage their project controls process, while maximizing their investment in P6!”


The PrimaViewer® Interface

Just a Few Features

  • View Primavera P6 file data in a Gantt Chart
  • Filter Critical Path data
  • Assess changes made to XER files NEW!
  • Perform Critical Path Tracing! (Track critical activities from start to finish of the project!)
  • Quick Search feature (Search for activities by ID, Name, Duration, Start, Finish, Resources, Cost, Total Float, etc.)
  • Perform custom lookaheads
  • Calendar day vs. Workday analysis
  • Export PrimaViewer® output to Microsoft Excel to run unlimited reports.
  • Progress Updating – Using PrimaViewer®, your team members can update work progress (Start date, Percent Complete, Remaining Duration, Finish Date, Notes) and send this data to the PM in minutes!