PrimaViewer – Primavera P6 File Viewer

About PrimaViewer

PrimaViewer is a cost-effective viewer for project schedules created with Oracle’s Primavera P6. PrimaViewer was developed to provide a tool for all stakeholders (from management to field personnel) to use to view project information, update schedule progress, and make project decisions, without a “full access” license of Primavera P6.

Using PrimaViewer will help increase stakeholder engagement and it enables your ENTIRE team to view Primavera P6 project information for 1/10th the cost of a Primavera P6 full license.

“PrimaViewer was designed by PMI and Oracle Certified Professionals as a solution to the LACK OF ACCESS to Primavera P6 data on projects in the Construction and Oil & Gas industries. Typically, team members and managers are limited to viewing Primavera schedule data in PDF or paper format. We wanted to give management and team members “hands-on” access to valueable P6 schedule information in a web-based, simple-to-use format.”

“We aim to change the way companies manage their project scheduling process, while maximizing their investment in Primavera P6!”

– The PrimaViewer team

About PrimaViewer

Authorized PrimaViewer Partner

Global Project Management, a leader in Oracle Primavera P6 software training and sales, announced today that it has been designated as an authorized PrimaViewer Technology Partner. Global PM, an Oracle Gold Certified Partner, recently completed specialized technical and customer support training on the configuration and deployment of PrimaViewer, a web-based solution that allows stakeholders to view Primavera P6 schedule information with a simple-to-use web interface.

Just a Few Features

  • View Primavera P6 file data in a Gantt Chart
  • Filter Critical Path data
  • Perform Critical Path Tracing! (Track critical activities from start to finish of the project!)
  • Quick Search feature (Search for activities by ID, Name, Duration, Start, Finish, Resources, Cost, Total Float, etc.)
  • Perform custom lookaheads
  • Calendar day vs. Workday analysis
  • Export PrimaViewer output to Microsoft Excel to run unlimited reports.
  • Progress Updating – Using PrimaViewer, your team members can update work progress (Start date, Percent Complete, Remaining Duration, Finish Date, Notes) and send this data to the PM in minutes!

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