Details About Primavera Cloud Training In A Nutshell

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Primavera software is used for planning, controlling, and implementing projects and programs. Primavera cloud works on a cloud-based platform which means all you need is Wi-Fi to access the information, and it can be shared easily with other team members.  

In fact, Primavera cloud training courses are made to provide learners with the knowledge of managing the project life cycle from planning to completion. 

Who needs Primavera software training?

Primavera cloud training course is suitable for project managers and business analysts who want to implement this software for project planning purposes. It is used by the managers and any project professional who can benefit from taking this course, like engineers, schedulers, or others involved in planning, management, and reporting of the project. It is usually recommended that they take primavera cloud training courses. 

Cloud service models 

Primavera cloud consists of four cloud service models. They are:

  • Primavera schedule 

You can schedule, plan, and control projects and programs, analyze the performance, and monitor the cost-loaded resources. Primavera cloud has simplified features and a more accessible user interface while maintaining its functionality. You can directly import files from Primavera P6 files to the cloud, making for a smooth transition for ongoing projects. 

  • Task scheduling 

It is also known as Primavera Lean, and it is a collaborative task planning system that is integrated with the CPM (Critical Path Method) scheduling engine. With the help of task scheduling, you can break your CPM schedule into smaller tasks and rearrange them for efficient results. 

  • Primavera portfolio 

This allows for a portfolio-based view of projects and programs. You can view and manage multiple projects’ information like pipelines, estimated budgets, etc. In fact, this enables portfolio managers to evaluate scenarios and budgets across the projects. 

  • Risk management 

Primavera cloud’s risk management allows the users to capture, assess, monitor, and mitigate any potential project risks. In the risk register section, one can add and categorize all the project risks and opportunities that can be shared with project team members. 

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