Oracle Primavera P6 is a tool that is used by all military and federal agencies in the United States. Actually, statistics have shown that 374 out of 400 of the top engineering companies in the United States also use it. But Oracle Primavera P6 is not only used for large-scale projects. In fact, Oracle Primavera P6 can be used for any sized project and in every industry.

1. Primavera is about streamlining experience.

What happens when everyone is on the same page? Success. What happens when everyone has an idea of what the ultimate goal is, how long it will take to get there, and how many resources they have available to use? People work harder. When the limits are clear, concise, and transparent, people do the work they need to do, and they do it on time.

2. Communication is key.

With Primavera P6, top leaders and executive staff can communicate with the individuals they need to be in touch with or everyone. Some projects may span a huge geographic location, requiring thousands of workers, and involving many different units. Let the ease of Primavera P6 communication work for you.

3. Track what is important.

The tracking features of Primavera P6 make it easy to create reports, ensure project timelines are going according to plan, and have a visual read-out on what resources may be lacking.

Put Oracle Primavera P6 to work for your next endeavor and easily track your success.

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