OPC Enablement Package




Our certified professionals will work with you to customize your environment, including configuring application settings, setting up companies and workspaces, and administering user security. Once this is set up, we will host a custom, private workshop for your OPC users so they can hit the ground running!

Our OPC enablement package includes software setup /configuration and a 1-day course for your OPC users.

1. OPC Setup

Our package offers comprehensive guidelines and a systematic process for environment configuration, encompassing tasks such as adjusting application settings, establishing companies and workspaces, and administering user security. Specific items covered include appointing application administrators, configuring global application settings, organizing the organization’s workspace hierarchy, generating permission sets for diverse levels (global, workspace, project, program, file, portfolio, idea, custom log, and report), creating user groups with assigned security privileges and access, and adding partner companies along with their users, among other essential components.

2. OPC Training

Our course covers a comprehensive range of project management topics, starting with an introduction and progressing through essential elements such as Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), activity types and duration, activity sequencing, resource loading and assignment, cost management, activity codes, baselining, and concludes with schedule status updating and reporting.

OPC Video