Primavera Unifier is an interface platform based on XML Web services that is capable of communicating with virtually any existing customer system. Primavera Unifier can import or export a variety of information, anything from business processes, workflows, budgets, internal transactions, and user data to help streamline the business. Primavera Unifier’s Web services also support newly defined business processes and forms, so there is no need for any new programming.

What are the benefits of a Web Services Integration Approach?
You can expect with Primavera Unifier that there will be a fully extensible, standards-based XML Web services interface, secure and reliable data transfers, a customizable data transfer process that most useful for you, support for both data input and export, and a flexible three-tier architecture system in addition to dynamic report generation.

Security measures these days are huge.
Web services utilize the same security measures used by many commercial websites in order to protect sensitive customer information such as online banking or credit card transactions. The most important security feature is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Look for a secure server by making sure the URL begins with “https” rather than “http.” When that is that case, SSL is automatically used. All information entered and received from the Website is encrypted. Primavera Unifier requires that all connections be secure.

For flexibility, dynamic report generation, and ultimate security look no further than Primavera Unifier.