Primavera Unifier Simplified

Primavera Unifier is best described as a project life cycle that assists many individuals in;

  • Management solutions for capital planning
  • Cost control
  • Project delivery management
  • Real estate management
  • Facility management

It was originally referred to as Skire Unifier and is basically thought of as a platform rather than a product, which is why it took a considerable amount of effort to build a clients’ application. It has been often seen that Primavera Unifier clients need to integrate with other back office systems, so as to implement faster for less cost. One awesome advantage that the Primavera Unifier has is that the extensible interface evident in it will actually be based on XML Web services and this does fully support the information exchange with other systems which will be via a variety of integration methods. The already available features on the Primavera Unifier include;

  • A configurable workflow
  • More enterprise capabilities for appropriating funds
  • Ability to approve/reject documents from within an email
  • An improved cost worksheet
  • A much configurable user interface that allows users to either add or hide fields

All this features go on to assure the client that their data is secure and that the mode of transfer chosen is reliable. This is in regards to the sensitive customer data exchanges such as online banking or credit card transactions. It also goes on to ensure that an efficient support system is created for both data import and export which greatly appeals to the clientele base. So do purpose to get a hold of it and you will be glad that you did!

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