Primavera Unifier Benefits

Primavera Unifier provides a best-in-class cloud-based solution for managing capital projects and facilities of any size in every vertical market. It combines rich cost management and control, document management, schedule and resource management, fund management, and more.     –

Oracle’s Primavera Unifier provides the best platform for managing business projects from beginning to end. Because Primavera Unifier is XML Web based it can work with and support other customer systems, it provides a seamless workflow stream. It is tracking, monitoring and participation is made easy.

Some of the features that make Primavera Unifier a good workflow tool are:

  • Information requests. Think of web pages that let a user click a link to visit a new page for requested information or a response. Primavera Unifier does this, but uses XML documents to make sure requests and responses are accurately and narrowly defined.
  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) standard. Think smart messaging system. Rather than sending out a blanket request, SOAP takes the request and properly routes it to the people and systems who need and deal with the requests.
  • Security. Access protocols limit access. Data transfers can also be customized for various levels of interaction. Primavera Unifier uses encryption as well.
  • The flexibility of a three-tier architecture. With standard Web services, Primavera Unifier easily lets you add other external systems. Company-specific forms can also be added without more programming.
  • Client-driven reports. Whoever is involved in the work stream can generate reports related to his input in the project. These can be shared to show who is on time, who is ahead and who’s behind in the project timeline. This, of course, allows a project manager to shift resources where needed and when needed on the spot.
  • Primavera Unifier functions like cloud computing without the cloud. You are not tied to a specific company and their services with monthly charges, questionable maintenance and the security issues which come with the cloud. Because Primavera Unifier is kept within system, it can be closed or opened to whatever degree the project require

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