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Did you know that nearly 94% of the top 400 engineering companies in the United States use Primavera P6 to manage their project schedules? Primavera P6 is the instructry-standard scheduling tool on the market but there is a problem. Often, there are only a handful of team members who have acess to P6, while the rest of the stakeholders (Including Sr. Management, Owner, etc.) are unaware of the project status. The result is a huge communications gap!


Imagine this scenario. At the schedule meeting, it is determined that your contractor/subcontractor is behind schedule. A week passes. The contractor comes to the next schedule meeting with a schedule that is now on-time. You have questions like:

  • How is this Justified?
  • Were activities removed?
  • Were durations changed?

PrimaLyzer Can Help You!

PrimaLyzer, a Primavera P6 schedule comparison tool, allows the users (Owner, Manager, Contractor) to generate reports on changes made to a project schedule WITHOUT owning a license of P6.  Reports include:

  • Added/Deleted Activities,
  • Changed Durations,
  • Calendar Changes,
  • Changes to Relationship Types,
  • Lag & Lead Modifications,
  • Date Change Summary &
  • MUCH more..
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