Oracle Primavera P6 Training: Is It Worth It to Your Career?

Construction professionals are no strangers to ongoing training and certifications. But while your main duties involve your hands and not a desk, should software play a role in your professional development? If that software is Oracle Primavera P6 training, then yes!

Mastering Primavera P6 software isn’t required for maintaining your license or making clients happy. But it can do wonders for your career, especially if you’ve got your eyes set on a controller or manager position. 

Primavera P6: The Software for Construction Professionals

Primavera P6 is a software program that helps businesses with project management. It is designed to assist managers in creating and tracking schedules, allocating resources, and analyzing project costs. 

Primavera P6 provides users with tools to help them better understand their projects and make more informed decisions. By managing all aspects of a project within a single software system, PMs can bring greater cohesion and clarity to every project.

Career Benefits of Primavera P6 Training

Mastering Primavera P6 software isn’t just beneficial for the project itself. After all, PM software doesn’t produce results — the person using the software does. There’s a lot for professionals to look forward to when they build their Primavera P6 expertise: 

Increase Your Earnings

Taking a certification course can make you more valuable to your organization. It opens the door to better-paying positions, such as project controller or manager. 

Data estimates that project management-related roles are expected to climb by as much as 33% through 2027. Project management is an in-demand skill that can benefit a wide range of industries and organizations. With a certification in popular software like Oracle Primavera P6, you can stand out to hiring managers and increase your chances of getting a great-paying job. 

“Most contract scheduling consultants earn between $60 and $85 per hour plus per diem.” 

– Trey Miller, President of Global PM

Improve Project Outcomes

Primavera P6 helps PMs address some of the key reasons why over 70% of projects fail. Common examples include:

  • A lack of resources
  • Poor forecasting
  • Running out of money
  • Ineffective planning

The software also addresses some of the underlying reasons for these triggers, such as poor communication and a lack of holistic insight into the project.

The software gives its users a blueprint to manage every aspect of a project, from cost estimations to timelines to people management and more. You can gain access to real-time data to create better predictions about delays, completions, resource allocation, and other influential factors.

Bottom line: When you can effectively manage a project and produce the ideal outcome, you’ll instantly become more valuable to your clients or organization. This not only helps you earn job security, but may also increase your earnings potential.

Enroll in Primavera P6 Training & Get a Discount!

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