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Anyone who works as a project planner or is into project management knows that working on small-scale project management is strides apart from using enterprise-level project management tools. The former is geared towards modest projects, while the latter enables you to simultaneously manage larger and multiple projects.

As your business expands and there's a need for you to embrace enterprise project portfolio management tools, you might be looking at how best to learn Primavera P6 Professional. If you are moving to this tool or have new starters on the team who need training, this article is for you.

Before we dive into the details, let's answer some common questions we often hear when talking to project managers about this system.

Primavera Software—what is it for?

Primavera P6 is a complete set of project management tools available in the market that is thoughtfully designed to help manage various complex projects. It is known for its sophisticated approach to project portfolio management and its raft of supporting components. It helps in organizing projects while taking into consideration the requirements, skills, and responsibilities of each member of the team.

Going through a Primavera P6 training helps you understand how this tool helps in managing risk versus reward, resourcing, and budget. With Primavera P6, businesses can perfectly execute plans even during economic uncertainty, can quickly respond to unexpected changes, and create value for their stakeholders and organizations.

There are two main versions of Primavera P6, and both provide easy-to-use solutions for planning, managing, and executing projects.

When set up correctly, Primavera P6 is a powerful tool that can make your approach to portfolio management reach new heights. However, you should also know that it's a complex and mature product that takes a careful hand to set up, which is why training is so important.

Is Primavera hard to learn?

Being a powerful tool, it is quite understandable why some would think that Primavera P6 is intimidating and hard to learn. However, with the right training and support, we can confidently say that it's not. Our instructors are all Oracle Certified and have been training beginner to advanced level classes for more than 25 years.

Oftentimes, the first few steps are often the most difficult ones. Like any new piece of software, once you are used to the features and have experienced what it can do, you will gain confidence using it to manage your projects, programs, and portfolios. The more the team uses it, the more they will see the benefits from the advanced reporting and mature capabilities.

How long does it typically take to learn Primavera P6?

Based on our experience, a person takes about 2 days to learn the basics of Primavera P6 Professional. Our 2-day training courses are offered virtually or on-site with instructor-led, hands-on workshops. Our course is designed to get you up and running as well as perform things most schedulers spend 90% of their time on. We know a lot of questions arise after the class, which is why Global PM offers 30-days of post-training instructor support as well as 1 year of free refresher course support. As users of Primavera P6, we are constantly learning and this never ends…

What are the benefits of learning Primavera P6?

We have given you an idea of why Primavera P6 is a management tool above the rest. We have also provided you with a rough idea about the difficulty of learning this amazing tool. Now, we will share with you the benefits you should consider if you're still not convinced about being trained in using Primavera P6:

Learn project management best practices

Primavera P6 lets you create a project structure, experiment with scheduling, and play with resource management. Primavera P6 training can teach you how to execute projects effectively. Primavera P6 is beneficial for your career as it can lead you through the process of setting up a project from the ground to completion. Along the way, you will learn valuable techniques in project management, risk analysis, opportunity management, and resource management that will help you become more efficient.

Have a better understanding of Core Concepts

Each project shares a few common characteristics like deliverables, work scope, time management, cost management, resources, etc. Understanding the core concepts and how they affect each other will help you become a better manager.

Become more familiar with the Project Management Life Cycle

A project goes through several stages—from inception to implementation to sunset. Each of these stages requires different resources. As a project manager, it is your duty to ensure that appropriate resources are allocated. Streamlining processes to complete a project on time within the budget is also essential.

With Primavera P6 Project Management Training, you'll have a better chance of becoming familiar with the Project Management life cycle. The life cycle of a project includes planning, securing, organizing, and managing the resources. With the guidance of industry experts, you will learn to manage a project from initiation to closing effectively.

Experience extensive hands-on lessons

When it comes to Project Management, it's not enough to gaze at the theoretical aspect of things. Hands-on learning is as important as drilling down into the essence of project management. When you're training how to use Primavera P6 software, you will learn to use the software and complete exercises based on real-world examples.

Get your hands on a powerful yet user-friendly tool

Despite its comprehensive features, Primavera P6 is very easy to use. Managing the project schedule remains simple with Primavera P6. Whether you're running complex analyses or generating complex reports, everything comes with ease with Primavera P6. That's why it's user-friendly regardless of whether you're a veteran or just a beginner in project management. That's the reason why a Primavera training course is one of the best ways to experience and learn it.

Final Words

Primavera P6 is an effective partner for learning the best project management approaches and methodologies. It is helpful if you're looking to enhance your project management skills. Primavera P6 training will undoubtedly be a milestone in your career growth.

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