Primavera P6 Team Member: Mobile Updating

The Oracle’s Primavera P6 Team Member interfaces are designed for team members to record status from any location using an iPad/iPhone or Android device. Team Member also includes a separate Primavera P6 Team Member Web interface and email statusing. These options provide quick, convenient, and easy access to assigned tasks using the platform or device that best suits your line of work (Examples include resources in the field, field supervisors, and craft labor).

Maintenance (Required)
Remote Installation

Accurate project status is critical to the success of any project and capturing the information directly from the people doing the work is the best way to ensure your schedule reflects the true progress. Four independent interfaces enable project participants to update their status and communicate with others wherever they are. All interfaces are designed with ease of use and deployment in mind. An organization can choose to deploy any or all of the interfaces that make the most sense to their business. Primavera P6 Team Member is available as a Web application and for mobile devices.

Primavera P6 Team Member Web is supported to run in a browser and has been optimized to run on a tablet. These interfaces enable users to:

  • Easily update tasks to reflect the work that has been done including a single click to mark the task completed.
  • Capture progress on assigned tasks via a timesheet interface.
  • Communicate with the project manager or other team members through discussions and email.
  • View and update the steps, codes, notebooks, and user defined fields assigned the task.
  • View predecessor and successor tasks, documents.
  • Easily filter the task list by timeframe or simple search.
  • Update tasks offline when no internet connection is available using the iPad/iPhone app


Six key benefits to using the Primavera P6 Team Member add on include:

  1. Complete cloud based solution backed by the power of Oracle
  2. Timely and accurate project information to identify problems faster
  3. Facilitates communication between Team Members and project controls group
  4. Unite project teams and stakeholders with a host of collaboration and feedback capabilities
  5. Easy interface and deployment which saves time, money, and reduces risk of change resistance
  6. Empower users with more autonomy and a greater contribution to value added work