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Primavera Unifier Simplified

Primavera Unifier is best described as a project life cycle that assists many individuals in;

  • Management solutions for capital planning
  • Cost control
  • Project delivery management
  • Real estate management
  • Facility management


It was originally referred to as Skire Unifier and is basically thought of as a platform rather than a product, which is why it took a considerable amount of effort to build a clients’ application. It has been often seen that Primavera Unifier clients need to integrate with other back office systems, so as to implement faster for less cost. One awesome advantage that the Primavera Unifier has is that the extensible interface evident in it will actually be based on XML Web services and this does fully support the information exchange with other systems which will be via a variety of integration methods. The already available features on the Primavera Unifier include;

  • A configurable workflowskire
  • More enterprise capabilities for appropriating funds
  • Ability to approve/reject documents from within an email
  • An improved cost worksheet
  • A much configurable user interface that allows users to either add or hide fields


All this features go on to assure the client that their data is secure and that the mode of transfer chosen is reliable. This is in regards to the sensitive customer data exchanges such as online banking or credit card transactions. It also goes on to ensure that an efficient support system is created for both data import and export which greatly appeals to the clientele base. So do purpose to get a hold of it and you will be glad that you did!



Primavera Unifier Benefits

Primavera Unifier provides a best-in-class cloud-based solution for managing capital projects and facilities of any size in every vertical market. It combines rich cost management and control, document management, schedule and resource management, fund management, and more.     –

Oracle’s Primavera Unifier provides the best platform for managing business projects from beginning to end. Because Primavera Unifier is XML Web based it can work with and support other customer systems, it provides a seamless workflow stream. It is tracking, monitoring and participation is made easy.

Some of the features that make Primavera Unifier a good workflow tool are:

  • Information requests. Think of web pages that let a user click a link to visit a new page for requested information or a response. Primavera Unifier does this, but uses XML documents to make sure requests and responses are accurately and narrowly defined.
  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) standard. Think smart messaging system. Rather than sending out a blanket request, SOAP takes the request and properly routes it to the people and systems who need and deal with the requests.
  • Security. Access protocols limit access. Data transfers can also be customized for various levels of interaction. Primavera Unifier uses encryption as well.
  • The flexibility of a three-tier architecture. With standard Web services, Primavera Unifier easily lets you add other external systems. Company-specific forms can also be added without more programming.
  • Client-driven reports. Whoever is involved in the work stream can generate reports related to his input in the project. These can be shared to show who is on time, who is ahead and who’s behind in the project timeline. This, of course, allows a project manager to shift resources where needed and when needed on the spot.
  • Primavera Unifier functions like cloud computing without the cloud. You are not tied to a specific company and their services with monthly charges, questionable maintenance and the security issues which come with the cloud. Because Primavera Unifier is kept within system, it can be closed or opened to whatever degree the project require



The difference between Primavera P6 PPM and EPPM


There is some confusion about the difference between Primavera P6 Professional Project Management (PPM) and Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM).

My objective is to help clarify the issue. To start, below are a few blanket statements that I hear a lot which I have clarified.

  • P6 PPM is stand alone application that you load on your PC. True, it can be. BUT, P6 Professional (PPM) can also be deployed with multiple users in a centralized database accessed via your network or via a hosting solution.
  • EPPM is web based solution and can be accessed in a network or via the web and the interface is completely different. True. BUT, when you buy P6 EPPM, you also get the client portion (Which comes with P6 PPM) so you have the flexibility to use both.

Paul E. Harris stated well when he said: “In principle there are 2 types of database which are accessed and administered differently, and 2 tools that may be used to access the databases.

An EPPM  database may be accessed using both tools:

[list type=”bullet”]

  • The Web Client and
  • The Windows Client and when used to open an EPPM database the software is called the “Optional Client”.[/list]

A PPM database may be accessed using only:

[list type=”bullet”]

  • The Windows Client and when used to open a PPM database the software is called the “Professional Client”.[/list]

A single installation of a P6 Windows Client on a personal computer may open either an EPPM or a PPM database. Therefore the term “Optional Client” and “Professional Client” describe the mode the software is being used in, as it is not two different software packages, but the software has different functionality depending on the database being opened.”

So, which one should I buy?

What I normally say is something along the lines of “If you want a tool that your guys (or gals) can use from their PC (or by hitting the server) and you would like for them to have the flexibility to do updates from the field in an area where you may not be able to hit the server, go with EPPM. The $250 difference is worth it to have that flexibility.”


“If you don’t have plans to use AND will NEVER use the web interface, go with PPM.


Showing relationship lines on activity bars, not baseline bars

So, have you noticed that Primavera P6 will display relationship lines between the baseline bars and milestones instead of the open project’s bars and milestones? This can be frustrating.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix.

[youtube height=”315″ width=”420″][/youtube]
Update a Primavera P6 schedule using your iPad or iPhone!

The Oracle Primavera P6 Team Member interfaces are designed for team members to record status from any location using a simple interface.

Options include an iPad/iPhone application, Android application, a separate P6 Team Member Web interface, and email statusing.

These options provide quick, convenient, and easy access to assigned tasks using the platform or device that best suits your line of work such as resources in the field, field supervisors, and craft labor.

Benefits include:

  • Easily update tasks to reflect the work that has been done
  • Communicate with project scheduler and other team members through discussions and email
  • Simple filtering by timeframe and search
  • Work offline to do status updates from the field
  • Its FREE with your P6 EPPM software purchase!
  • If you’d like to learn more please read the P6 Team Member Data Sheet.



Professional Development Day

The Project Management Institute Greater New Orleans Chapter will be hosting its 13th Annual Professional Development Day. This event will be hosted on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at the Northshore Harbor Center in Slidell, LA.